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Laguiole Rossignole red wood 13cm

Function: knife
Color: wood
Material: steel
Attributes: 13cm blade
Manufacturer : Rossignol
Length: N/A
Width: N/A

Product Details:

Brand deposed in 1927, the Laguiole Rossignol knife is one of the only Laguiole brand of more than 40 years old of existance. This knife owes a lot to its native town, Thiers.

Located in Auvergne, Thiers is the cutlery’s capital, with almost 100 knives’ companies and a cutlery museum. The Laguiole Rossignole is so born in a big knives manufacturing city, counting so on the artisans’ knowledge.

The knives-artisans sculpt, put together, adjust and polish knives in the purest craft tradition of Laguiole knives.

Handle : Red wood

Blade : 13cm steel

As every knives are unique, your model might be slightly different from the picture.