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PanoramaKnife Dish Towels Churfirsten Toggenburg

Code: PG-10Te
Function: 04. kitchen accessories
Color: grey
Material: textile
Attributes: N/A
Manufacturer : PanoramaKnife
Length: N/A
Width: N/A

Product Details:

PanoramaKnife. Things worth knowing.

The Brand.
Existing since 2012. Invented by an advertising man in his mid fifties from the Thurgau/Switzerland. His daughter does the design. His wife does the management and together with 5 more people, all the business is run from the small Boutique-Hotel Ermatingerhof. PanoramaKnife is a happy brand for lovely moment, experience and memories. For people who have everything.

Half-linen, 2 pieces
Size: 76 x 50 cm
Guarantee: 5 years

The dish-towels.
They are of the well known Swiss hotel quality. Half linen for stability and durability and cotton for absorptivity. They are woven in the famous Toggenburg by Meyer/Mayor. You can wash them by up to 90 degrees celsius, usually 60 degrees will do. And of course, they are ideal for drying our knives and boards.