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Gentleman Barbier Safety Razors OLIVIER

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Color beige
Function No
Material wood
Attributes No
Manufacturer Gentleman Barbier
Length No
Width No
Product Details:
Safety Razor in Olive Wood | Manufacturing:

Manufactured and assembled by hand in our workshop in Thiers (63), each piece is realized following a manufacturing process of 15 successive manual steps. The essence of wood declined on the body of the razor is selected with care according to its nuances, its hue and its drawing. (Non contractual photo)

Olive wood - Olea Europaea
Eternal symbol of Greek mythology and Goddess Athena, the olive represents peace, strength and victory. Gentleman Barbier offers you the best of this legendary wood.

Safety Razor in Olive Wood | Use :

The Safety Razor is the legacy of traditional shaving. Its closed comb prevents any risk of injury and allows a deep shave of the hair. More precise than the multi-blades, it will adapt perfectly to the shave of contour as to the complete shave. Associated with a good quality of blade and a preparation of the skin with the badger, it will leave behind its passage a perfectly smooth and soft skin.