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Laguiole Arbalète G. David corne 13cm

Regular Price: $175.35

Special Price: $122.75

Function: knife
Color: light horn
Material: steel
Attributes: 13cm blade
Manufacturer : G. David
Length: No
Width: No

Product Details:

The « Arbalète » brand has been officially deposed in 1810 in Thiers – Auvergne. Created in 1922, taking back the brand Arbalète, the cutlery Arbalète Genès David is one of the oldest French manufacture still opened.

For more than two centuries, Arbalète is so the oldest manufacture that is still perpetuating homemade French Laguiole knives. Arbalète is nowadays a brand which is a part of the French patrimony.

In matter of Laguiole knives, Arbalète Genès David is first of all a unique know-how present since 200 years. When Arbalète first deposed the brand, Napoléon 1st was reigning over France.

Our knives-artisans sculpt, put together, adjust and polish knives in the purest craft tradition of Laguiole knives.

Handle : Light horn

Blade : 13cm steel

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