Repairing Scissors

How to change scissors spring?

Youtube Video : How to replace broken scissors' spring on a Swiss Army Knife - Victorinox Scissors' Tool (9.6100.1)

You will need the following tools : 

a) knife block b) disassembly/assembly tool c) countersink (with protective sheath)


Press spring-loaded knob with thumb to raise the pin. Open the scissors/pliers to a 90° angle and insert the fixed part of the scissors or pliers from behind so that it rests against the two pins. The knife and scissors/pliers should now be fully aligned so that the srping can fall into the depression when removed.


Take the correct tool of the two (observe knifeNo's) with the word "demont" facing you, and introduce it vertically into the eye of the spring. Dismantle by hitting the black knob.


Put countersink vertically into spring and press very lightly, turning it clockwise to clean the edge of the hole.


Put in new spring and pick up tool with the word "Montage" facing you.Hold it steady in the spring hole. Assemble by hitting on back knob with your hand.