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Superior CHROMA combination Whetstone

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Code: ST-IS2
Function: 04. kitchen accessories
Color: No
Material: stone
Attributes: N/A
Manufacturer : Chroma
Length: No
Width: No

Product Details:

Chroma knives are made from exceptional steel and the vast majority of them have the typical Japanese “V” edge. This edge makes our knives sharper than many conventional kitchen knives. But even the sharpest knife at some point begins to lose its edge and needs resharpening. A regular whetstone could destroy an edge such as the more delicate “Single-bevel”.

Sharpen your high quality knives by hand with a top of the line original CHROMA sharpening stone. For best sharpening results, we recommend using a rougher grain to pre-sharpen, a medium grain for regular care, and up to the finest grain for a polished finish. Be sure to take note of our particular sharpening stone recommendations for each different knife series. Better to buy one knife less, and spend your money on a good sharpening stone instead!

Tip: Never allow your knives to become entirely dull, always sharpen them before they reach that point!

  • 200 – 240: Pregrinding of dull knives or smaller repair

  • 800 - 2000: Standard – For regular sharpening / maintenance of edge.

  • 3000 - 4000: For perfect sharpness - for use after the 1000's

  • 6000 - 12000: Polishing – herewith the knife becomes ideal, for use after the 3000's

  • Specificities:
  • 1800/4500

  • 20,8 x 6,4 x 2 cm