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Victorinox Wine Master Walnut Wood

Special Price $142.09 Regular Price $163.32
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Code 0.9701.63
Color wood
Function 01. swiss knives
Material wood
Attributes blade with safty lock system, corkscrew, key ring, wavy blade
Manufacturer Victorinox
Length No
Width No
Product Details:
The opening of a bottle of wine is always accompanied by a certain ceremonial. Thus, the Wine Master is a high-quality and precise tool that will be appreciated by wine lovers, collectors and all those who go on a picnic.
This model is distinguished by the long 5-turn wick of its corkscrew which will prevent the corkscrew from breaking. The use of the corkscrew is facilitated by a combination of tools with a double lever allowing to uncork the bottle gently. A bottle opener also powers this tool. In addition to its large blade, this knife is equipped with a toothed blade in the shape of a bird's beak allowing to cut and detach the capsule protecting the stopper. It is the combination of a large blade and a professional corkscrew that makes its specificity.

The Wine Master is available in two elegant versions: one with walnut ribs and the other with lighter olive ribs. Each knife is accompanied by a beautiful leather case.

With the Wine Master, you are ready to taste and enjoy your good bottles.

With a case