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Victorinox Explorer Swiss Spirit 2020

Regular Price: $91.24

Special Price: $68.43

Code: 1.6705.7L20
Function: N/A
Color: white
Material: stainless steel
Attributes: N/A
Manufacturer : Victorinox
Length: 91mm
Width: 26.5mm

Product Details:

The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 knife is the perfect collector's item or the ideal souvenir to offer or to buy when coming back from Switzerland. This pocket knife with a unique design and produced in limited quantities pays a vibrant tribute to all that is most Swiss: from skillfully designed watches to delicious cheeses, including the most exquisite chocolates or the snow-capped Alps, and of course, the original swiss army knife. It owes its retro look to its patterns, sketched by hand and engraved with finesse. Without forgetting its 19 functions, Discover Switzerland like a real explorer thanks to your Explorer.

1. big blade
2. small blade
3. corkscrew
4. can opener with small screwdriver
5. bottle opener with screwdriver
6. wire stripper
7. reamer punch
8. ring
9. tweezers
10. toothpick
11. scissors
12. multi-purpose hook
13. Phillips screwdriver
14. magnifying glass
15. pressurized ballpoint pen
16. pin, stainless steel
17. mini screwdriver