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Victorinox Companion Sydney Style

Special Price $66.74 Regular Price $74.99
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Code 1.3909.E222
Color No
Function 01. swiss knives, medium
Material cellidor
Attributes blade, cap lifter with scewdriver, chisel, corkscrew, hook, key ring, multi-purpose hook, nailfile, reamer, punch, scissors
Manufacturer Victorinox
Length No
Width No
Product Details:

Feminine Design with Box Opener

Innovation is at the heart of this exciting new model that brings ease and style into the everyday. The Companion from the Live to Explore collection comes in three fresh looks for every modern woman and features a handy tool combo to simplify daily tasks. To deal quickly with packages, there’s a clever box opener with a rounded tip and cutting edge; and the matching neck cord makes the perfect accessory.

Live to Explore Collection

At Victorinox, we believe functionality and femininity go hand in hand. Meet the Live to Explore collection, a range of pocket knives and accessories that mean business but have a chic exterior—your perfect allies for exploring the concrete jungle as well as the green outdoors. The collection consists of three fresh styles: Paris Style, embracing romance and culture; Sydney Style, embodying energy and excitement; and New York Style, reflecting urban elegance. Choose how to express your confident, feminine side.

Sydney Style

When you travel in life’s fast lane, you need a kit that can meet the challenge. The Live to Explore Sydney Style pocket knives pack handy multifunction tools inside their fresh, contemporary exterior. Intense, vibrant colours reflect the boldness of your spirit and the matching accessories make this your stylish daily go-to companion. Don’t let life slow you down.

Key features

  • Elegantly designed for everyday use

  • Swiss made pocket knife with 16 functions

  • In a choice of three fresh styles to express your feminine side