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Victorinox Delémont Collection RangerGrip Boatsman

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Code 0.9798.MWC8
Color Yellow / black
Function 01. swiss knives
Material plastic
Attributes 0.6 x 4.5mm flat bit, blade opening a hand, blade with safty lock system, can opener with screwdriver, cap lifter with scewdriver, corkscrew, hex bit holder, key ring, needle nose pliers, nut wrench, nylon pouch, Phillips 3 bit, pin, reamer, punch, ruler (cm/inch), shackle opener, toothpick, tweezers, wavy blade, wire cutters, wire stripper
Manufacturer Victorinox
Length No
Width No
Product Details:
A selection of Wenger pocket knives has been integrated into the Victorinox collection. Experienced employees that have been working for the cutlery maker based in the canton of Jura for several years will, from now on, be producing exclusively Victorinox Swiss Army Knives at Delémont.

Victorinox has taken many features and functions of the former models. However, some products will be in the future with an additional toothpick and tweezers. Furthermore, the punch, the can opener and the screwdriver will be now modified.


    1. lock blade for one hand opening with 2/3 wavy edge
    2. can opener with
    3. -small screwdriver
    4. cap lifter with
    5. -screwdriver
    6. -wire stripper
    7. needle nose pliers with
    8. -wire-cutter
    9. -nut wrench
    10. hex bit holder
    11. shackle opener
    12. -ruler (cm/inch)
    13. -pin
    14. case with
    15. -Phillips 3 bit
    16. -0.6 x 4.5mm flat bit
    17. reamer punch
    18. corkscrew
    19. key ring
    20. tweezers
    21. toothpick

    with Nylon pouch

    Size: 130mm