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Victorinox Hunter Pro M Alox

Special Price $87.49 Regular Price $97.21
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Code 0.9415.M26
Color Silver
Function 01. swiss knives
Material aluminium
Attributes blade
Manufacturer Victorinox
Length No
Width No
Product Details:

designed for adventure

This new version of the Hunter Pro sports Alox scales as popular and iconic as the legendary Pioneer collection. A play of discreet reflections between blade, springs, plates, scales and clip brings an elegant and innovative touch. Another new addition to the Hunter Pro M Alox is the clever clip and spring-loaded tie-strap, as well as the braided and decorative paracord cord.
The curved silver clip that fits perfectly into the handle of the knife, allows to attach it to your clothes and keep it accessible at all times.
The sleek look, timeless appeal of materials and the advanced functionality of the Hunter Pro M Alox make it an indestructible design tool and a faithful companion to your quintian adventures. Whether you're wearing a more casual outfit or a more classy one, this versatile pocket knife always looks great.



Size ( L x W x H ): 130 x 40 x 20 mm Each knife is sold in a box