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Wüsthof IKON 9 Knives block set

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Code: 9865 // 1090570901
Function: 03. cook's knives
Color: brown
Material: wood
Attributes: No
Manufacturer : WUSTHOF
Length: No
Width: No

Product Details:

Knife bloc set with 9 knifes including:
  • 4920 peeling knife, 7cm

  • 4926 sausage knife, 14cm

  • 4906/16 utility knife, 16cm

  • 4966/20 cook's knife, 16cm

  • 4976 oriental cook's knife, 17cm

  • 4986/9 paring knife, 9cm

  • 4996/20 cook's knife, 20cm

  • 4968 sharpening steel, 26cm

  • 4914/16 straight meat fork, 16cm

  • The IKON knife handles are manufactured from African Blackwood. As a result of its extreme density, minimal porosity and high resin contains, this wood species is highly insensitive to moisture. The dark brown hues with distinctive wood grain markings make every knife unique.