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HORL 2 PRO - Sharpening system

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Couleur Gris foncé
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Matériaux Diamant
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Fabriquant HORL
Longueur 10 cm
Largeur 7 cm
Product Details:

Planetary gear: 1:3 ratio WITH HORL 2 PRO

With the HORL® 2 Pro Knife Sharpener, Otmar and Timo Horl realize their own dream. Thanks to a high-precision internal planetary gear, a triple sharpening motion is generated by a simple rolling motion. Thus, the HORL® 2 Pro sharpener sharpens at three speeds. Its solid stainless steel and aluminum components give it a particularly noble appearance.

The HORL® 2 PRO is the latest technological benchmark of the HORL® Sharpener family. Two grinding angles and exchangeable grinding discs ensure more flexibility. A completely new, backlash-free rolling feeling is created by the press assembly and the built-in ball bearings. The ceramic coating on the honing side guarantees impressive grinding results.

The industrial diamonds we use are suitable for efficiently sharpening all knife steels of any degree of hardness without water. When used properly, the HORL® Diamond Standard never needs to be replaced. The grain size of 46 μm grinds efficiently and precisely. A high-quality sharpening result is achieved in just a short time.

After processing with the HORL® Diamond Standard, the ceramic honing disc significantly refines the grinding result. Only a few movements are needed for this. The result is a smooth, clean and filigranely sharpened knife edge.

The 20° grinding angle delivers new sharpness in the shortest time. The knife also retains its sharpness for a long time due to the stable cutting edge and is suitable for the widest range of cuts in daily kitchen life. Outdoors, it also provides many pocket knives with a stable cutting edge and excellent sharpness for everyday use.

With the 15° grinding angle, exceptionally fine blades made of damascus and high-quality carbon steel attain filigrane sharpness. These knife edges can be sharpened very delicately and maintain their stability.