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HORL - S6-P KAGAMI Ultra Fine

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Code 0767523849188
Color black
Function No
Material stone
Attributes No
Manufacturer HORL
Length No
Width No
Product Details:

An ultra-fine sharpening stone in the purest Japanese tradition
For all users who prioritize very high level sharpening, we are proud to introduce HORL kagami. This sharpening stone produced in Japan allows you to obtain an extremely smooth blade – the so-called “mirror” edge.

3x fine sharpening with the HORL premium sharpening set
• For a perfectly smooth edge, like a mirror
• Sharpening that can be done by everyone: the best compromise between HORL technology, easy to use, and the Japanese tradition of cutlery

Easy to use
• The HORL kagami sharpening stone should only be used after sharpening with the HORL premium sharpening set
• Proceed with sharpening with the HORL kagami stone for five minutes on each side of the blade. Then use the HORL kagami stone damp for one minute to complete the job

Grid aprox. 10'000